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About luna

A little snippet about how Luna Lotions and Potions came to be


Time to put a face to the name, but don't let this part scare you away, I'm a lot more knowledgeable than I look!

It's also a chance for you to meet the rest of 'the team' who enable me to do what I do and help keep me on the right track (except when it comes to resisting biscuits and cake, then we are all useless!).


Gaynor - Therapist, Skin and Haircare Formulator and Cauldron Stirrer!


Paul - (Very Slow) Tea Boy and Supplier of Biscuits!

Maisie Dogsbody

Maisie - Office Dogsbody



100% Natural

We only use natural, sustainable, ethical ingredients and packaging and recycle as much as we can.

To offset our own footprint, a percentage of every order placed is used to plant UK Oak trees and contribute towards tropical reforestation planting schemes through Ancient and Sacred Trees


Cruelty Free

I ensure that every ingredient that we source and suppliers I use are cruelty-free.  The vast majority of my products will be suitable for vegetarians, but if you are Vegan, just to make you aware, I do use animal milk and honey in some of my products.


High Quality

I will not use anything less than incredible, high quality and active ingredients in her products. I am very particular...some would say obsessive about it!!


Bespoke Products

Everyone is unique and whilst I produce aromatherapy products to suit most people, you may need something with that little extra therapeutic "umphf" that is created just for you.

With over 20 years of Aromatherapy experience, I will stir my cauldron and work some magic to create something fabulous and uniquely bespoke, just for you.

***A full personal and medical history consultation is required for this service.


Only Fabulous Quality Ingredients

My ingredients, including essential oils, body oils, butters, clays, colourants, herbs, spices, and other soap and cosmetic ingredients are completely natural or nature-identical.

I only use ethical, responsibly sourced and cruelty-free ingredients, supporting other small, local businesses where I can.

In order to keep you, the client, safe, I do have to use emulsifiers and preservatives for water-based products such as moisturisers, serums, hydrolats, creams, and lotions to ensure that they are safe and stable for you to use longterm. In line with my ethics to only use products that are safe and beneficial, the emulsifiers and preservatives used, are totally safe and essential for product quality and to prevent bacteria and mould,

Where possible, when it comes to posting your package, I try and use recycled packaging that can go on to be re-used, composted, or be put into your recycling bins. it may not look pretty when it arrives, but remember, every bit of packaging reused, goes towards stopping a little bit more of it ending up in our landfill and oceans, taking care of our planet and saving our trees!

I encourage you, as clients, customers, family, and friends to donate your unwanted packaging to me so that I can re-use it to send out your parcels and save it from going into landfills for as long as we can, and recycle as much as we can!


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